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Design supervise

Supervision of the project as well as the responsible work stage. As popular wisdom says things are not obvious. Once there, we could see that has not drawings or operators who, in the course of their own interpretation of the draft. If we are to avoid similar situations, we recommend that clients, project monitoring and progress of the project entrusted to the author. The aim of such surveillance – that the project is implemented in such a way as, and took the view that it was aligned with client dizaineriu interiors. During the implementation of a project may give rise to different views and proposals of all sides so that communication is extremely important in the course of work, qualitatively. This service will contribute effectively to resolve any identified obstacles and solutions acceptable to all parties for provision of advice to workers. What is included in the copyright service? The planned visits (1-2 per week). The details of the project are provided. At the request of the client, and more frequent vizitavimas possible. Preparation of additional material, if necessary. For this service is paid separately.

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