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Consultation – expert interior designer tips. You don’t have to subscribe to a project, you can take advantage of the designer’s advice and set up his own house. Professional support will help to better harmonise the colors, materials and forms. Often before you purchase a more expensive goods we have for a long time we have been consulting with their friends and professionals. We spend a considerable portion of our lives at home, professional advice will help to transform them with comfortable and tailored to your needs.

What to expect during the consultation?

  • The object inspection, clarification of customer needs, discussion of the issues raised (spatial functional zoning, furniture design, lighting design, colours and materials selection, décor);
  • Given the current situation, the client gets proposals and recommendations as well as ideas how to adapt existing space for his needs and lifestyle.
  • We also discuss with the customer about plans, furniture, materials and color matching, briefly reviews the workflow.

When the consultation is needed?:

  • You plan to buy a new home? Consultation with interior designer, before the search of dream house will help you design to pick up thats best fits to your needs and lifestyle. Also avoid frequent situation where dreams should be adapted to the limited facilities. It is very important that house is bright, airy, functionally adapted specifically for you.
  • You have already bought a fully furnished home? But like all settlers you want that it reflects your personality and energy. Using an interior designer’s tips, you can easily and rapidly adjusted them to your needs: to replace existing decorations and furniture layout, to adjust new color palette.
  • You are planning to updated interior of the apartment? In order to be able to experience the joys of new settlers, you do not need to purchase a new home. Sometimes it’s good to give a new look to existing home. Designer allows you to reschedule the functional areas, to adapt them to your needs, helping create the cozy atmosphere using new colors. Do not be afraid to rediscover your home.
  • You bought a house and plan for repair? We often hear saying to the settlers’ concerns. High-quality and timely advice will help you better deal with all worries. During the consultation, we discuss repairs in detail with the client, plan their progress, and reconcile the interior concept.

Consultations cost in Vilnius 50 eur, the duration – up to 1,5 hrs. In other cities, the price is adjusted separately. If client orders interior project, design consultation free of charge